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Maintaining the proper temperature can be crucial to the consumer satisfaction of certain products. Dynamic has a dedicated air conditioned space in our warehouse, which is the perfect environment for your temperature-sensitive products. Dynamic already manages the packaging, storage and distribution of a variety of food products that require a temperature controlled environment.

Designing a Temperature Controlled Environment

To properly service our customers who have products that require a temperature controlled environment, Dynamic has designed and built a cutting edge solution that includes the following:

  • Temperature controlled facility with the latest A/C technology, which enables us to maintain and monitor the temperature on an ongoing basis.
  • Clean room for processing and packaging food while maintaining temperature control.
  • Trained staff that understands our customer requirements, our equipment, our internal standards and food safety best practices.
  • Strategic investments based on our customer’s needs. Dynamic has made investments in cold chain technology, equipment and facilities to better serve our customers. Our customer’s non-core activities is our business.

Temperature Control Maintenance

Creating a temperature controlled environment is only half the battle – the other half is maintaining it! Our temperature controlled facility has sensors that alerts us if the temperature is out of the specified range. The ability to monitor the temperature, with real time alerts is especially important for our food customers. After all, finding out the temperature was out of range after the food has spoiled doesn’t help anyone.

In addition to temperature control, our routine maintenance procedures focus on sanitary conditions, keeping equipment calibrated, system audits and preventative actions. Our goal is to be proactive, not reactive.

Process Compliance

Every one of our customers gets a customized solution, which is must be reflected in our processes. The Dynamic team follow well documented processes and this is especially important for our customers with temperature sensitive products. Our team is cross trained and we use technology to enable (and enforce) the process. Strict process compliance allows us to deliver a superior solution to our customers.

A Culture of Food Safety

Most of Dynamic’s cold chain customers are in the food business, so we became Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified and compliant to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). To obtain and keep these credentials, Dynamic must be obsessive about food safety (and we are).

Dynamic has developed a culture of food safety. Our team is always looking for potential risks to food safety. Eliminating risks with preventative measures is the key to food safety.

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